Jammu & Kashmir State History

Location: The State of Jammu and Kashmir commonly known as "Kashmir " is situated between 32°-17` and 36°-58` north latitude and 73°-6` and 80°-30` longitude in the north western part of Indian sub-continent. Geographically it is bounded on the north-west by Afghanistan , on the north-east by China, on the south by India and on the west by Pakistan .

Area: Total area of Jammu and Kashmir State is about 85,806 sq. miles (2,22,236 Sq. Kms).

Territories: Jammu plains, Kashmir valley Ladakh plateau and Gilgit form the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Language: Kashmiri, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Dogri, Pahari, Hindco, Shina, Balti and Broshali.

History (in chronological order)

Buddhism was introduced in Kashmir in about 245 BC.
Ruled by independent Rajas Upto. 1325
Muslim Sultans. 1325 to 1585
Mughals Rulers. 1586 to 1752
Afghan Rulers. 1752 to 1819
Sikh Rulers. 1819 to 1846
Sale of Kashmir to Dogras Under Amritsar Treaty. 16 Mar, 1846
Movement against repressive measures of Dogra Raja Hari Singh. 1931
Launching of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference by Shiekh Muhammad Abudallah. 1932
National Conference. 1939
National Conference launched Quit Kashmir Movement. 1946
Partition of Indian sub-continent. 14 Aug, 1947
Popular revolt began against the repressive rules of Maha Raja and an independent government was proclaimed in the liberated territories. 24 Oct, 1947