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05/08/2023Youm-e-Istehsal Kashmir - 5 Aug, 2023A walk was held from radio Pakistan to D-Chowk. Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit-Baltistan. AJ&K Council and GB Council employee actively participated in the event.
05/02/2023Kashmir Solidarity Day (5th Feb, 2023)Various Events alongiwht a walk where held to observe Kashmir Day. Employees of Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit-Baltistan, AJ&K Council and GB Council walked from radio Pakistan to D-Chowk to observe this Day with their brethren Kashmiris.
27/10/2022Observance of Black Day-2022A walk on 27th October, 2022 at 09:00am at Radio Pakistan Chowk, Islamabad for observance of Black Day of Kashmir was arranged. History of Event: The 27th of October is observed the world over as ‘Black Day’ as 74 years ago, on this day, India without any legal justification, forcibly took control of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Since then, the Indian Occupied Forces are mercilessly killing innocent and unarmed Kashmiris, vandalising their properties and indulging in other inhuman acts.
20/10/2022Judicial Conference on Kashmir Issue - Way forward.A Judicial Consultative Conference on Kashmir Issue was organized by Kashmir Council. Prominent personalities from judiciary and legal faternity from AJ&K were invite on the event. They expressed their views on the issue.
05/08/2021Solidarity Walk/ Silence with KashmirisWalk/ 1min Silence event from Parliament House to D-Chowk for solidarity with kashmiri brothern. Pakistan will continue to support its Kashmiri brothers in all circumstances. The President of Pakistan has come to Azad Kashmir to express solidarity with Kashmiris.