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S.# Project Title Description
1. GiS View Azad Kashmir Vector Based Map & AJ&K Council's Projects Depictions. (Under Development)
2. AJ&K Council's Development Projects Annual Development Program & Member Development Programme. (Under Development)
3. VSWAs Registration The software module will assist in process of registration and to retreive the information of registered Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (VSWAs).
4. Complaint Registration The registered complaints will be examined and necessary actions may be taken by Joint Secretary, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council Secretariat, Islamabad. (Under Development)
5. Vehicle Verification System The system will provide facilitate the users of Azad Kashmir to verify the owner of a vehicle on the basis of a registration number. (Under Development)
6. NTN Verification System The verification of National Tax Number (NTN)'s registered entities will assist the users of Azad Kashmir. (Under Development)
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